KOLighting Guides

LED lighting technology has been highlighted as one of the main alternatives to incandescant and fluorescent bulbs currently on the market.

KO Lighting are very proud to be at the forefront of such a revolution in industrial, commercial and domestic lighting. Sometimes this technology needs a bit of an explaination so we have written a few guides to help. If there is a topic we have missed or you would like another item clarified please let us know.


Technology An introduction into the different lighting technologies from the traditional incandescent to the modern fluorescent and HID types.
Hazards A quick overview of the hazards arising from different lighting types as you may have read in the news.
Colour Temperature What is colour temperature and how does it affect your lighting?
Bulb Identification There are so many different shapes and sizes of bulbs available, this overview should help identify what bulbs you are looking at.
Bulb Fittings There are only a few different fittings or caps used in lighting, these are explained here.
Lighting Levels A look at the reccomended lighting levels in the workplace.
Timeline A brief history of the electric light, including the major discoveries and the people involved


We are excited by the environmental and financial advantages this technology brings to you and we have tried to give an unbiased account of the technology but we appreciate that you may like another account. The website Without Hot Air is the online version of David MacKay's book entitled 'Sustainable Energy - Without the hot air'. Some interesting chapters are 'Lights' and also 'Efficient electricty use'

For more information on carbon footprints and ways that everyone can help reduce it can be found via Carbon Trust website