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Image Quantity Power Cap Colour
5W GU10 Warm White
5W GU10 Cool White
3W GU10 Warm White
3W GU10 Cool White
5W MR16 Warm White
5W MR16 Cool White
3W MR16 Warm White
3W MR16 Cool White
B22 GLS Bulb 7W B22 Warm White
7W B22 Cool White
9W B22 Warm white
9W B22 Cool White
B22 GLS Bulb 7W E27 Warm White
7W E27 Cool White
9W E27 Warm White
9W E27 Cool White
B22 Candle Bulb 3W B22 Warm White
3W B22 Cool White
4W B22 Warm White
4W B22 Cool White
E14 Candle Bulb 3W E14 Warm White
3W E14 Cool White
4W E14 Warm White
4W E14 Cool White

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